ASHA Bonus: Good News! This time ASHA workers will get this amount of bonus, everyone is happy

The West Bengal Health Department has published a notification approving the release of honors to all Asha workers. Every ASHA worker will get a bonus of Rs 4500. Asha workers will get this bonus till 2023. But some candidates will not be able to get this bonus. Let’s see who doesn’t get it.

According to the notification of the West Bengal Health Department, only those Asha workers who joined work on or before December 1, 2022, will get the 2023 bonus. That means, Asha workers joining after December 2, 2022 will not get bonus this year.

According to the bonus notification of the Finance Department, the bonus money will be paid into the account between October 3 and October 6 this year. Said that in the case of Asha workers also, respect will be given within the reply date.

Note that ASHA workers in West Bengal get a fixed honorarium of Rs 4500 per month along with incentives and other allowances. All ASHA workers will benefit by getting a bonus of Rs 4500.

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