Earned 4 crores from private tuition, amazing incident!

Ration Scam: Now a surprising thing happened. Earned Rs 4 crore from private tuition! After a 20-hour marathon interrogation, ED arrested former state food minister Jyotipriya Mallik. As soon as this incident came to light, the politics of the state became active. Many benami properties of the current Forest Minister have been exposed. The minister’s family is also included in this. His daughter alone has a bank balance of Rs 4 crore. He said it was his tuition money.

In this regard, CPM leader Tanmay Bhattacharya said, “So far 20 cold storages and 10 rice mills are in the name of girls. The amount deposited in the bank from tuition alone is Rs 4 crore 37 lakh. Teach all those unemployed youth who have been agitating for years to earn so much money.”

In this regard, BJP MP and Union Minister of State for Shipping Shantanu Thakur said, ‘I have heard for the first time that a private tutor has earned Rs 4 crore. People will leave everything and take private tuition. If I can earn Rs 4 crore, I will leave my ministry and start private tuition from tomorrow.

Jyotipriya Mallik is not alone in ration corruption, his wife and daughter are also involved! While presenting the former Food Minister and the present Forest Minister in Bankshall Court on Friday, ED made such a sensational claim. The judge said, it is surprising for me that the wealth of Jyotipriya Mallik’s wife increased from Rs 45 thousand to Rs 6 crore in a year?

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