Gas cylinder prices increased before Diwali, prices increased by more than Rs 100, know the new price

LPG price hike: Cylinder prices have increased before Diwali. Last month, while the common man was given relief by reducing the price of domestic LPG cylinder, the price of 19 kg LPG cylinder was increased by Rs 209. This time the price of 19 kg cylinder has been increased once again.

The price of this cylinder has been increased by more than Rs 100, that is, the cylinder which was available for Rs 1731.50 in Delhi, will now be available for Rs 1833.00 from this month. From November 1, the price of commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi has increased to Rs 1833 per cylinder. Earlier, the price of 19 kg cylinder in Delhi was Rs 1731.50. However, there is no change in the prices of domestic LPG cylinders.

According to information received from OCL website, from November 1, a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder will be available in Delhi for Rs 1,833, which was earlier Rs 1,731.50. Talking about other cities, its price in Mumbai has become Rs 1785.50, which was earlier Rs 1684. Where in Chennai its price has increased from 1998 to Rs 1999.50. Moreover, commercial LPG cylinder in Kolkata will be sold at Rs 1943 instead of Rs 1839.50.

Incidentally, last month the government had increased the price of commercial gas cylinders and given a discount on 14 kg domestic gas cylinders. Now its price has been increased again. In such a situation, the price of commercial cylinder has increased by more than Rs 300 in a month.

New prices of commercial LPG cylinders in different states:

  • Delhi- Rs 1833
  • Calcutta- Rs 1943
  • Mumbai- 1785.50 tickets
  • Chennai- 1999.50 tk

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