Good news for teachers of the state! Board of Secondary Education took a big step

Teachers: Teachers are skilled in shaping the future of students. Teachers work tirelessly day and night to take on the important responsibility of shaping the next generation. Now the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has taken a unique step for those teachers. This time the Central Board of Education (WBBSE) will conduct a survey to find out the mental condition of teachers in government schools of the state.

This time the mental health of teachers will be measured. This survey will be conducted under ‘Mental Wellbeing of Teachers Survey’. Which is under ‘Monodarpan’ of the Union Ministry of Education. It is learned that the guidelines for this study were sent to each state by the Union Education Ministry in September 2022. Only after that instruction, the Central Education Council is going to start the survey.

According to sources, this survey will start in government schools of the state after the Durga Puja holidays. The Central Education Council has already sent guidelines in this regard to the headmasters of every government school. It is being told that this survey will be done through Google Sheets link. Teachers will have to upload all the information in that Google form.

The survey will start once the data upload is complete. The Central Education Council has directed schools to upload all the information of teachers by October 15. Then the survey will continue on the basis of that information. Then this survey report will be recorded.

Through this survey, on one hand, the mental condition of teachers can be understood, on the other hand, if they have any complaint, error or suggestion, they can also be informed about it. In this way the board will understand the mental condition of the government school teachers of the state.

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