News of dearness allowance before Diwali! State government employees will soon get outstanding DA

WB DA News: State government employees are continuously fighting for DA dues and demand for increase in dearness allowance at the central rate. Apart from the movement, a case is also going on in the Supreme Court. The case is to be heard in November. The state DA’s case will come before the Supreme Court on November 3. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari recently gave an important speech in this regard in a press conference. His speech has brought some relief to the state government employees.

According to sources, the Leader of Opposition has almost made it clear that he is not taking the state DA case in the Supreme Court lightly. According to him, when the DA case comes up in the Supreme Court on November 3, two senior lawyers will be present from the BJP Lok Karmachari Parishad. On the 3rd they will come with really solid preparations to settle the matter. Apart from this, the Leader of Opposition said that the incident of repeatedly removing senior lawyers and postponing the hearing by the state government will not be repeated this time. This means that immediately after the hearing of the case, there will be good news for the government employees.

Incidentally, the state government employees were confident about the DA case from the very beginning. He had hoped from the beginning that he would get benefit from the case. But, the state government employees are not ready to sit silent. They can also adopt new movement programs during the Diwali season. But at present the state government employees are waiting for November 3. They now want the matter to stop stalling.

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