Supreme Court did not give security in OMR sheet manipulation case, can Gautam Pal be arrested?

Primary Tet: The state got a big blow from the Supreme. The Supreme Court did not protect Primary Education Board Chairman Gautam Pal and Deputy Secretary Partha Karmakar. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed the CBI to interrogate Gautam Pal and Parth Karmakar in the case related to primary recruitment corruption allegations. If necessary, the judge orders his detention and interrogation.

Primary Education Board Chairman Gautam Pal approached the Supreme Court challenging that order. Justices Aniruddha Bose and Bela M Trivedi rejected his plea on Monday. The Supreme Court said, if there is every kind of cooperation in the investigation then why the fear of arrest? If needed, security will be provided after the hearing next Friday.

In 2014, a firm named ‘S Basu Roy & Company’ was entrusted with the task of reviewing the answer sheets (OMR sheets) of the Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination. On September 22, the CBI summoned agency chief Kaushik Maji to the Nizam Palace for questioning. Then the report regarding TET exam was presented before the bench of Justice Gangopadhyay.

Petitioner’s lawyer Firdous Shamim said that there are many mistakes in the ‘digitized data’ of the OMR sheet. The information on OMR sheet is not reliable at all. Because digitized data of OMR sheet means scanned copy of OMR sheet. But in this case, what the board presented before the court was typed information. And many of the question-answer options in that information are also wrong. Justice Abhijeet Gangopadhyay expressed strong anger in this regard.

The Supreme Court judges did not respond to the Council Chairman’s request on Monday. Supreme Court’s comment, if every kind of cooperation is given in the investigation then why fear of arrest? If necessary, security will be provided after the hearing next Friday. The next hearing of this case is next Friday. The thing to note in this context is that if the Chairman of the Board does not cooperate in the investigation, the CBI can arrest him.

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