Will Rs 2000 notes become junk after October 7? Rs 14,000 crore still remains to be deposited

Rs 2000 notes: According to the rules of the Reserve Bank, there is an opportunity to deposit Rs 2,000 notes till October 7. The Government of India had fixed its deadline as 30th September but later it was extended to 7th October. Now there is a lot of discussion about Rs 2000 note among the common people.

There is a bank holiday for three days from October 1 to October 7 and people will have to deposit Rs 2000 notes on the remaining four days. Only 2 more days are left. An information has revealed that people still have 14 thousand crore notes of Rs 2000 and will such a huge amount be deposited in the bank in 2 days?

If this money is not deposited in banks then will the Rs 2000 note become a piece of paper? A question is arising in the minds of people whether RBI will give another chance to the people and extend the time for depositing them or will the legal tender of Rs 2000 notes end? Today in this article we are going to answer all these questions arising in the minds of common people.

2000 rupee notes were circulating in the market till May 19, 2023, after which the government banned them by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). At that time there were assets worth Rs 3.96 lakh crore in the form of Rs 2,000 notes in the Indian market.

Out of which, till September 29, 96 percent of the money has been returned to RBI, but 4 percent has not come yet. That means till now Rs 14 thousand crores have not been returned to RBI. The deadline for this was 30 September but RBI has extended it till 7 October. RBI said that apart from bank branches, these notes can also be deposited in RBI offices.

Will Rs 2000 notes become pieces of paper?

Rs 2000 notes can be exchanged in the regional offices of RBI till October 7. You can change only 10 notes at a time. But from October 8, neither the bank nor the RBI will accept or exchange Rs 20 notes.

If you want, you can send Rs 2000 notes to the RBI regional office by post after October 7. To deposit or exchange Rs 2000 notes, it is necessary to produce relevant identity documents as per RBI or government norms and a fee may also be imposed by RBI.

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