Will the DA case be heard in the Supreme Court or next year? Let’s see what happens.

DA Case Update: The Calcutta High Court has already said that dearness allowance is a fundamental right of the state government employees. However, this case of outstanding dearness allowance is pending in the Supreme Court for several months. The last hearing of the case was held in July last year. Three months later, the date of hearing of the case was fixed on Friday 3 November. But will the case be heard on this day or will the state government employees have to wait again?

According to the information available on the website of the Supreme Court, the hearing of this case related to the arrears of dearness allowance of the West Bengal government employees will be held in serial number 60. A total of 60 cases are heard in a day. That means this case has been kept in the last serial. Then if the case is not heard on this day then there is no possibility of the case being heard in November. Because the Supreme Court will remain closed for a long time this month.

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In the last hearing, the judges had said that since the case is big, it requires a ‘comprehensive hearing’. But since the case number is 60, will we get time for detailed hearing of this case? Many government employees and pensioners are expressing such apprehensions.

The judge in this case related to dearness allowance has already been changed. The first judges in this case were Hrishikesh Roy and Pankaj Mithal. However, Justice Sanjay Karol will hear the case on November 3 in place of Pankaj Mithal. An update in this regard has been given on the website of the Supreme Court.

But since the matter is for final disposal, the state government employees are optimistic about it. Because most final disposal cases occur at the end of the sequence. Therefore, it is not right to assume that this case will not be heard. If the decision comes in the case, all the government employees, teachers and retired pensioners of West Bengal will benefit.

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